PVData C++  8.0.4
pvDataCPP documentation

The epics::pvData namespace. See pv/pvData.h header.

#include <pv/pvData.h>
#include <pv/createRequest.h>

Define a structure type and create a container with default values.

namespace pvd = epics::pvData;
pvd::StructureConstPtr stype(pvd::FieldBuilder::begin()
->add("fld1", pvd::pvInt)
->add("fld2", pvd::pvString)
pvd::PVStructuretPtr value(stype->build());
value->getSubFieldT<pvd::PVInt>("fld1")->put(4); // store integer 4. would throw if not pvInt
value->getSubFieldT<pvd::PVScalar>("sub.fld2")->putFrom(4.2); // convert and store string "4.2"

is equivalent to the following pseudo-code.

struct stype {
pvd::int32 fld1;
struct {
} sub;
stype value;
value.fld1 = 4;
value.fld2 = pvd::castUnsafe<std::string>(4.2);