pvAccessCPP  7.1.7
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Client API

PVAccess network client (or other epics::pvAccess::ChannelProvider) More...


struct  pvac::Operation
 Handle for in-progress get/put/rpc operation. More...
struct  pvac::PutEvent
 Information on put completion. More...
struct  pvac::GetEvent
 Information on get/rpc completion. More...
struct  pvac::Monitor
 Handle for monitor subscription. More...
struct  pvac::MonitorEvent
 Information on monitor subscription/queue change. More...
struct  pvac::MonitorSync
 Subscription usable w/o callbacks. More...
struct  pvac::ConnectEvent
 information on connect/disconnect More...
struct  pvac::Timeout
 Thrown by blocking methods of ClientChannel on operation timeout. More...
class  pvac::ClientChannel
 Represents a single channel. More...
class  pvac::ClientProvider
 Central client context. More...


::std::ostreampvac::operator<< (::std::ostream &strm, const Operation &op)
::std::ostreampvac::operator<< (::std::ostream &strm, const Monitor &op)
::std::ostreampvac::operator<< (::std::ostream &strm, const ClientChannel &op)
::std::ostreampvac::operator<< (::std::ostream &strm, const ClientProvider &op)
detail::PutBuilder pvac::ClientChannel::put (const epics::pvData::PVStructure::const_shared_pointer &pvRequest=epics::pvData::PVStructure::const_shared_pointer())
 Synchronious put operation.

Detailed Description

PVAccess network client (or other epics::pvAccess::ChannelProvider)


  1. Construct a ClientProvider
  2. Use the ClientProvider to obtain a ClientChannel
  3. Use the ClientChannel to begin an get, put, rpc, or monitor operation

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