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Server API

PVA Server Providers, for use with a PVA epics::pvAccess::ServerContext. More...


class  pvas::StaticProvider
 A Provider based on a list of SharedPV instance. More...
class  pvas::DynamicProvider
 A Provider which has no pre-configured list of names. More...
class  pvas::SharedPV
 A Shared State Process Variable (PV) More...
struct  pvas::SharedPV::Handler
 Callbacks associated with a SharedPV. More...
struct  pvas::Operation
 An in-progress network operation (Put or RPC). More...


typedef std::tr1::shared_ptr
< SharedPV > 
typedef std::tr1::shared_ptr
< const SharedPV > 
typedef std::tr1::weak_ptr
< SharedPV > 
typedef std::tr1::weak_ptr
< const SharedPV > 
typedef std::tr1::shared_ptr
< Handler > 
typedef std::tr1::shared_ptr
< const Handler > 
typedef std::tr1::weak_ptr
< Handler > 
typedef std::tr1::weak_ptr
< const Handler > 
typedef std::tr1::shared_ptr
< Operation > 
typedef std::tr1::shared_ptr
< const Operation > 
typedef std::tr1::weak_ptr
< Operation > 
typedef std::tr1::weak_ptr
< const Operation > 


virtual void pvas::SharedPV::Handler::onFirstConnect (const SharedPV::shared_pointer &pv)
virtual void pvas::SharedPV::Handler::onLastDisconnect (const SharedPV::shared_pointer &pv)
 Called when the last client disconnects. May close()
virtual void pvas::SharedPV::Handler::onPut (const SharedPV::shared_pointer &pv, Operation &op)
 Client requests Put.
virtual void pvas::SharedPV::Handler::onRPC (const SharedPV::shared_pointer &pv, Operation &op)
 Client requests RPC.
static shared_pointer pvas::SharedPV::build (const std::tr1::shared_ptr< Handler > &handler, Config *conf=0)
 Allocate a new PV in the closed state. More...
static shared_pointer pvas::SharedPV::buildReadOnly (Config *conf=0)
 A SharedPV which fails all Put and RPC operations. In closed state.
static shared_pointer pvas::SharedPV::buildMailbox (Config *conf=0)
 A SharedPV which accepts all Put operations, and fails all RPC operations. In closed state.
void pvas::SharedPV::setHandler (const std::tr1::shared_ptr< Handler > &handler)
 Replace Handler given with ctor.
Handler::shared_pointer pvas::SharedPV::getHandler () const
bool pvas::SharedPV::isOpen () const
 test open-ness. cf. open() and close()
void pvas::SharedPV::open (const epics::pvData::PVStructure &value)
 Shorthand for. More...
void pvas::SharedPV::open (const epics::pvData::PVStructure &value, const epics::pvData::BitSet &valid)
 Begin allowing clients to connect. More...
void pvas::SharedPV::open (const epics::pvData::StructureConstPtr &type)
 Shorthand for. More...
void pvas::SharedPV::close (bool destroy=false)
 Force any clients to disconnect, and prevent re-connection. More...
< epics::pvData::PVStructure > 
pvas::SharedPV::build ()
 Create a new container which may be used to prepare to call post(). More...
void pvas::SharedPV::post (const epics::pvData::PVStructure &value, const epics::pvData::BitSet &changed)
 Update the cached PVStructure in this SharedPV. More...
void pvas::SharedPV::fetch (epics::pvData::PVStructure &value, epics::pvData::BitSet &valid)
 Update arguments with current value, which is the initial value from open() with accumulated post() calls.
virtual std::tr1::shared_ptr
< epics::pvAccess::Channel
pvas::SharedPV::connect (const std::tr1::shared_ptr< epics::pvAccess::ChannelProvider > &provider, const std::string &channelName, const std::tr1::shared_ptr< epics::pvAccess::ChannelRequester > &requester)
 may call Handler::onFirstConnect() More...
virtual void pvas::SharedPV::disconnect (bool destroy, const epics::pvAccess::ChannelProvider *provider)
 Disconnect all Channels created through the given ChannelProvider. More...
void pvas::SharedPV::setDebug (int lvl)
int pvas::SharedPV::isDebug () const
 pvas::Operation::Operation ()
 create empty op for later assignment
const epics::pvData::PVStructure & pvas::Operation::pvRequest () const
 pvRequest blob, may be used to modify handling.
const epics::pvData::PVStructure & pvas::Operation::value () const
 Input data.
const epics::pvData::BitSet & pvas::Operation::changed () const
 Applies to value(). Which fields of input data are actual valid. Others should not be used.
std::string pvas::Operation::channelName () const
 The name of the channel through which this request was made (eg. for logging purposes).
const epics::pvAccess::PeerInfopvas::Operation::peer () const
 Information about peer transport and authentication. More...
void pvas::Operation::complete ()
 shorthand for successful completion w/o data (Put or RPC with void return)
void pvas::Operation::complete (const epics::pvData::Status &sts)
 Complete with success or error w/o data.
void pvas::Operation::complete (const epics::pvData::PVStructure &value, const epics::pvData::BitSet &changed)
 Sucessful completion with data (RPC only)
void pvas::Operation::info (const std::string &)
 Send info message to client. Does not complete().
void pvas::Operation::warn (const std::string &)
 Send warning message to client. Does not complete().
int pvas::Operation::isDebug () const
< epics::pvAccess::Channel
pvas::Operation::getChannel ()
< epics::pvAccess::ChannelBaseRequester
pvas::Operation::getRequester ()
bool pvas::Operation::valid () const
 pvas::Operation::operator bool_type () const


bool pvas::SharedPV::Config::dropEmptyUpdates
 default true. Drop updates which don't include an field values.
epics::pvData::PVRequestMapper::mode_t pvas::SharedPV::Config::mapperMode
 default Mask. More...


struct pvas::SharedPV::detail::SharedChannel
struct pvas::SharedPV::detail::SharedMonitorFIFO
struct pvas::SharedPV::detail::SharedPut
struct pvas::SharedPV::detail::SharedRPC
struct pvas::Operation::detail::SharedPut
struct pvas::Operation::detail::SharedRPC
void pvas::SharedPV::epics::pvAccess::providerRegInit (void *)

Detailed Description

PVA Server Providers, for use with a PVA epics::pvAccess::ServerContext.

These are implementations of epics::pvAccess::ChannelProvider which manage "PVs", which are sources of epics::pvAccess::Channel instances. Typically SharedPV .

Two containers are provided StaticProvider, and for some special cases DynamicProvider. It is recommended to use StaticProvider where possible, with DynamicProvider for exception cases.

A StaticProvider maintains an internal lookup table of StaticProvider::ChannelBuilder (aka. SharedPV). This table is manipulated by StaticProvider::add() and StaticProvider::remove(), which can be called at any time.

A DynamicProvider does not maintain an internal lookup table. Instead it provides the DynamicProvider::Handler interface, through which remote search and connection requests are delivered.

See Server Mailbox Example for a working example.

namespace pva = epics::pvAccess;
pvas::SharedPV::shared_pointer pv(pvas::SharedPV::buildMailbox());
pvas::StaticProvider sprov("arbitrary");
pva::ServerContext::shared_pointer server(
pva::ServerContext::Config() .provider(sprov.provider()) ));
sprov->add("pv:name", pv);

Server API shared_ptr Ownership

shared_ptr<> relationships internal to server API classes. Solid red lines are shared_ptr<>. Dashed red lines are shared_ptr<> which may exist safely in user code. Rectangles are public API classes. Circles are internal classes. "ChannelProvider" is an arbitrary ChannelProvider, possibly StaticProvider or DynamicProvider.

Function Documentation

static shared_pointer pvas::SharedPV::build ( const std::tr1::shared_ptr< Handler > &  handler,
Config *  conf = 0 

Allocate a new PV in the closed state.

handlerOur callbacks. May be NULL. Stored internally as a shared_ptr<>
confOptional. Extra configuration. If !NULL, will be modified to reflect configuration actually used.
In the closed state
std::tr1::shared_ptr<epics::pvData::PVStructure> pvas::SharedPV::build ( )

Create a new container which may be used to prepare to call post().

This container will be owned exclusively by the caller.

void pvas::SharedPV::close ( bool  destroy = false)

Force any clients to disconnect, and prevent re-connection.

destroyIndicate whether this close() is permanent for clients. If destroy=false, the internal client list is retained, and these clients will see a subsequent open(). If destory=true, the internal client list is cleared.
In the closed state
Provider locking rules apply (
See Also

close() is not final, even with destroy=true new clients may begin connecting, and open() may be called again. A final close() should be performed after the removal from StaticProvider/DynamicProvider which will prevent new clients.

Definition at line 153 of file sharedstate.h.

virtual std::tr1::shared_ptr<epics::pvAccess::Channel> pvas::SharedPV::connect ( const std::tr1::shared_ptr< epics::pvAccess::ChannelProvider > &  provider,
const std::string channelName,
const std::tr1::shared_ptr< epics::pvAccess::ChannelRequester > &  requester 

may call Handler::onFirstConnect()

Provider locking rules apply (
See Also

Implements pvas::StaticProvider::ChannelBuilder.

virtual void pvas::SharedPV::disconnect ( bool  destroy,
const epics::pvAccess::ChannelProvider provider 

Disconnect all Channels created through the given ChannelProvider.

destroy==true if the ChannelProvider is shutting down.

Implements pvas::StaticProvider::ChannelBuilder.

void pvas::SharedPV::open ( const epics::pvData::PVStructure &  value)

Shorthand for.

open(value, pvd::BitSet().set(0))
void pvas::SharedPV::open ( const epics::pvData::PVStructure &  value,
const epics::pvData::BitSet &  valid 

Begin allowing clients to connect.

valueThe initial value of this PV. (any pending Get/Monitor operation will complete with this)
validOnly these marked fields are considered to have non-default values.
std::logic_errorif not in the closed state.
In the opened state
Provider locking rules apply (
See Also
void pvas::SharedPV::open ( const epics::pvData::StructureConstPtr &  type)

Shorthand for.

open(*pvd::getPVDataCreate()->createPVStructure(type), pvd::BitSet().set(0))
const epics::pvAccess::PeerInfo* pvas::Operation::peer ( ) const

Information about peer transport and authentication.

May be NULL if no information is available
void pvas::SharedPV::post ( const epics::pvData::PVStructure &  value,
const epics::pvData::BitSet &  changed 

Update the cached PVStructure in this SharedPV.

Only those fields marked as changed will be copied in. Makes a light-weight copy.

std::logic_errorif !isOpen()
Provider locking rules apply (
See Also

Variable Documentation

epics::pvData::PVRequestMapper::mode_t pvas::SharedPV::Config::mapperMode

default Mask.

See Also

Definition at line 87 of file sharedstate.h.