PVData C++  8.0.3
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epics::pvData::ValueBuilder Class Reference

#include <pv/valueBuilder.h>

Public Member Functions

 ValueBuilder (const std::string &id=std::string())
 empty structure
 ValueBuilder (const PVStructure &)
 Clone existing definition and value.
template<ScalarType ENUM>
ValueBuilderadd (const std::string &name, typename meta::arg_type< typename ScalarTypeTraits< ENUM >::type >::type V)
 Add a scalar field with a given name and initial value.
template<class T >
ValueBuilderadd (const std::string &name, const shared_vector< const T > &V)
 Add a scalar array field.
ValueBuilderadd (const std::string &name, const PVStructure &V)
ValueBuilderaddNested (const std::string &name, Type type=structure, const std::string &id=std::string())
 Start a sub-structure.
ValueBuilderendNested ()
 End a sub-structure.
std::tr1::shared_ptr< PVStructurebuildPVStructure () const


struct child
struct child_struct
struct child_scalar_base
template<typename T >
struct child_scalar
struct child_scalar_array

Detailed Description

Incrementally define and initialize a PVStructure

Equivalent to FieldBuilder with the added ability to assign initial values.

.add<pvInt>("intfld", 42)
.add<pvString>("strfld", "testing")

Definition at line 31 of file valueBuilder.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ buildPVStructure()

PVStructure::shared_pointer epics::pvData::ValueBuilder::buildPVStructure ( ) const

Complete building structure

ValueBuilder may be re-used after calling buildPVStructure()

Definition at line 274 of file valueBuilder.cpp.

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