PVData C++  8.0.6
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Value containers


class  epics::pvData::PVField
 PVField is the base class for each PVData field. More...
class  epics::pvData::PVScalar
 PVScalar is the base class for each scalar field. More...
class  epics::pvData::PVScalarValue< T >
 Class that holds the data for each possible scalar type. More...
class  epics::pvData::PVString
 PVString is special case, since it implements SerializableArray. More...
class  epics::pvData::PVArray
 PVArray is the base class for all array types. More...
class  epics::pvData::PVScalarArray
 Base class for a scalarArray. More...
class  epics::pvData::PVStructure
 Data interface for a structure,. More...
class  epics::pvData::PVUnion
 PVUnion has a single subfield. More...
class  epics::pvData::PVValueArray< T >
 template class for all extensions of PVArray. More...
class  epics::pvData::PVValueArray< PVStructurePtr >
 Data class for a structureArray. More...
class  epics::pvData::PVValueArray< PVUnionPtr >
 Data class for a unionArray. More...


PVDataCreatePtr & 
epics::pvData::getPVDataCreate ()

Detailed Description

The core of the pvDataCPP library are the typed, structured, data containers.

Function Documentation

FORCE_INLINE const PVDataCreatePtr& epics::pvData::getPVDataCreate ( )

Get the single class that implements PVDataCreate

The PVDataCreate factory.

Definition at line 1648 of file pvData.h.