pvAccessCPP  7.1.5
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oPVA SecurityCopyright - See the COPYRIGHT that is included with this distribution
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oSimple Client Put ExampleThe shortest possible PVA put() example
oSimple Client Monitor ExampleThe shortest possible PVA monitor() example
oClient Get ExampleThis example demonstrates a client which issues a Get operation on startup, and again each time a channel becomes Connected
oClient Put ExampleThis example demonstrates a client which issues a Put operation on startup, waits for acknowledgement that the put has been handled, then exits
oClient Monitor ExampleThis example demonstrates a client which sets up a persistent Monitor operation
oServer Mailbox ExampleThis example creates a server with one or more pvas::SharedPV::buildMailbox() instances
oChannelProvider APIThe epics::pvAccess namespace
oCommand Line Utilities
oRelease Notes

Release 7.1.5 (October 2021)

\Changes to ChannelProvider ownership rulesMajor series 6.x includes changes to the rules for when user code may store strong and/or weak references to epics::pvAccess::ChannelProvider and related classes