pvAccessCPP  7.1.7
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNepicsCopyright - See the COPYRIGHT that is included with this distribution
|\NpvAccessHolds all PVA related
oNpvacSee Client API API
|oCOperationHandle for in-progress get/put/rpc operation
|oCPutEventInformation on put completion
|oCGetEventInformation on get/rpc completion
|oCMonitorHandle for monitor subscription
|oCMonitorEventInformation on monitor subscription/queue change
|oCMonitorSyncSubscription usable w/o callbacks
|oCConnectEventInformation on connect/disconnect
|oCTimeoutThrown by blocking methods of ClientChannel on operation timeout
|oCClientChannelRepresents a single channel
|\CClientProviderCentral client context
oNpvasSee Server API API
|oCStaticProviderA Provider based on a list of SharedPV instance
|oCDynamicProviderA Provider which has no pre-configured list of names
|oCSharedPVA Shared State Process Variable (PV)
|\COperationAn in-progress network operation (Put or RPC)
\Cfair_queue< T >An intrusive, loss-less, unbounded, round-robin queue