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pvas::DynamicProvider::Handler Struct Referenceabstract

Callbacks associated with DynamicProvider. More...

#include <server/pva/server.h>

Public Types

typedef std::tr1::shared_ptr
< Handler
typedef std::tr1::shared_ptr
< const Handler
typedef std::tr1::weak_ptr
< Handler
typedef std::tr1::weak_ptr
< const Handler
< std::string

Public Member Functions

virtual void hasChannels (search_type &name)=0
 Called with name(s) which some client is searching for.
virtual void listChannels (names_type &names, bool &dynamic)
 Called when a client is requesting a list of channel names we provide. Callee should set dynamic=false if this list is exhaustive.
virtual std::tr1::shared_ptr
< epics::pvAccess::Channel
createChannel (const std::tr1::shared_ptr< epics::pvAccess::ChannelProvider > &provider, const std::string &name, const std::tr1::shared_ptr< epics::pvAccess::ChannelRequester > &requester)=0
 Called when a client is attempting to open a new channel to this SharedPV.
virtual void destroy ()
 Called when the last reference to a DynamicProvider is released. Should close any channels.

Detailed Description

Callbacks associated with DynamicProvider.

For the purposes of locking, this class is a Requester (see provider_roles_requester_locking). It's methods will not be called with locks held. It may call methods which lock.

Definition at line 199 of file server.h.

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